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DASH is looking for “Teen Ambassadors” to help us spread the word about our website and the important information we need to share with teens. If you are interested in helping DASH, here are a few examples on what you can do to spread the word about

  • Read the articles we’ve written especially for you at Learn the signs of dating abuse and how you can help a friend in need.

  • Check in at often for the latest updates and events. Get your friends to check it out, too.

  • Follow us on Facebook, invite friends and contribute ideas.

  • Send us your suggestions for articles, videos and ways to improve the website via Facebook, or at

  • Wear a DASH t-shirt, bracelet or keychain. Talk about the website if someone asks about what you’re wearing.

  • Distribute posters, brochures and materials provided by DASH to your local teen centers, community centers, worship centers etc.

  • Attend DASH events in the community.

  • Talk to your parents about DASH. See if they know anyone (a politician, doctor, youth director, police officer etc.) who can help us in promoting awareness about teen dating abuse.

  • Raise awareness about teen dating abuse at school, particularly during health class where, in Fairfax County, education about dating abuse is required. Mention DASH to your teacher, so he/she can take a look at the website.

  • Participate in future DASH contests and scholarship competitions.

  • Create a poster, poem, story or play about teen dating abuse.

  • Stage a play about dating abuse in your school or worship center. See ideas for plays at Prime Stage Theatre, a non-profit corporation that brings professional theatre and education support programs to thousands of teens, families and teachers.

Fix The Hurt Since 2005, Fix the Hurt has worked to increase awareness of domestic and dating violence through our collaborative education and training programs and through our interactive theater performances in order to significantly reduce the number of the abused. The play Domestic Violence…the Musical? is an interactive performance that answers questions about dating violence with myth busting information set to toe-tapping music.

With special thanks to our November 2010 teen ambassadors: Kate Green and Rachel Jones, VCU;

John Murray, City of London School Graduate 2010.

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