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You can help promote DASH and raise awareness about teen dating violence by getting involved! We'd love to have you become an ambassador for DASH by trying some of these ideas in your school or community. Read about some of our past presentations, events and fundraisers for even more ideas.


  • Incorporate DASH into a school project (e.g. posters, reports, presentations).

  • Use a DASH project to earn community hours.

  • Share DASH, its website and Facebook page with a friend.

  • Present DASH to your school or community including faith communities, civic organizations (e.g. Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Scouts), local government agencies, or corporate charity sponsors.

  • Host a DASH fundraiser: bake sale, 5K walk, poster contest, sports tournament, restaurant promotion, used cell phone drive etc.

  • Set up a DASH information table for your school awareness or spirit week.

  • Invite DASH to present Siobhan's story to your school.

  • Parents: Take action at your child's school.

  • Have DASH leaflets available in your community (organisations/business/church etc).

  • Wear a DASH t-shirt (coming soon!)


Contact us at with your ideas, questions and for help in planning a DASH event. We can provide you with many resources to make your event a success!

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