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On Tuesday, February 22nd, Lynne Russell and her nephew John Murray were guest speakers on Lyn Twyman’s Courage Empowerment Forum (Party934 Radio). Courage Empowerment Forum is a program that features guests discussing real stories and resources for those affected by domestic violence, crime victimization and other social issues. The show’s guests come from various backgrounds and share their stories in an effort to inspire and support those dealing with tough, personal issues in their day to day lives. click here to hear Lynne and John’s interview.

“As a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse, I know first hand how important it is to know that someone understands. I also know that people need to find a way to get help or just need that added boost to take the next steps. That’s what this show is about,” says the show’s producer, “I hope that through this show, people will also be inspired to ban together and change their communities where they are and the use of entertainment, in particular radio, is just another tool.” – Lyn Twyman

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