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Jasmine Marie Levario

March 11, 1991 was the day she made her presence to the world and not knowing that she was being welcomed into a large loving family. Her name was Jasmine Marie Levario weighing 8lbs 2oz, and did I mention beautiful. She was a beautiful young girl and young lady with the greatest personality ever.

She had one other sibling, a brother Mario who she could convince to do anything for her. Growing up through the years everyone called her Jaz, Mimine, Shorty, Mimi, Jamine. There were so many names for her because she was different from the others. Having to have things her way or no way at all, and although it was tough at times, eventually things ended up her way. Throughout her school years Jasmine was part of The Girls Scouts, Sign Language Group, and ROTC and she was going to try out for cheerleading, but decided not to because she didn’t want to be one of the girls thrown in the air. She had a great sense of humor and could make anyone laugh for no reason. Jasmine loved the attention and with that being said of course she a many friends. Her favorite color was red and she loved stars and loved to wear her Jordan’s. She loved music and going out with her friends. Jasmine had one of the greatest talents of all as a teenager and that was speed texting. She also love taking tons of pictures of herself with her family and friends. Jasmine was a good and loyal friend. No matter what she was always there in the time of need, and always gave her shoulder to anyone who needed it.

Jasmine knew that one day she wanted to be a mommy and on October 19, 2009 she found out she was pregnant. The best news ever for her and she was so happy. She was going to be a mother and she was in love. On December 2009, it is sad to say tragedy struck her family. Jasmine’s mother received a phone call that no other mother should ever receive. She was notified that her boyfriend and his sister had murdered Jasmine Marie on December 17, 2009. She was 16 weeks pregnant when she was murdered. Jasmine’s mother did the honor of naming her unborn grandbaby, Baby Jay Levario. Jasmine Marie Levario was laid to rest on December 26, 2009 in her hometown of Houston TX by her family who loved her very dearly. She will be missed very much and she will be remembered as if she was never gone. We Love and Miss You Jasmine Marie Levario and Baby Jay Levario.

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