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by John Stipa

  1. Be on time. Be presentable. You can fight this, but what’s the point?

  2. RING THE DOORBELL. Curbside pick-up is for fast food, not the girl of your dreams.

  3. Talk to the parents/guardians – especially her father. He was once in your shoes.

  4. Details: Confirm where you are going, what you’ll be doing and by what time she will be home. Ask for the curfew.

  5. Be prepared. Plenty of gas, money, directions. Carry your cell phone if plans change or you need to call home. Her parents want to know you’re responsible. So does she. So do your parents.

  6. Your mission for the night: please her. Use your manners, pay attention to her, listen to her, be honest with her, open up to her, have fun & laugh.

  7. Respect & Protect. Anyone who messes with or talks trash about your date will have to deal with you. This rule is also true for your buddies and their girlfriends. BUT, always better to talk your way out of a jam than to fight your way out.

  8. No means No. Re-read Rule #6. She is NOT obligated to put out for you, no matter how much money you spent on the date. By the way, sharing expenses is perfectly fine.

  9. No also means no alcohol or drugs.

  10. Get her home on time. Walk her to the front door. If you want to see her again, say so. Just mean it. Don’t demand a kiss goodnight – if you’ve done your job on 1-9, if one is offered, it means you’ve earned it.

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