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Here are some top behaviors that can be considered abusive

Do you constantly check up on your partner and accuse them of cheating or lying?

Are you extremely jealous or possessive?

Do you have an explosive temper?

Have you hit, kicked, shoved, or thrown things at your partner?

Do you constantly criticize or insult your partner?

Do you become violent when you use drugs or alcohol?

Do you use threats or intimidation to get your way?

Have you ever forced your partner to have sex with you through threats?

Have you ever threatened your partner with physical harm?

Have you threatened to hurt yourself or someone else if your partner breaks up with you?

If you think you may be exhibiting these types of behaviors you should consult an adult (parent, teacher, guidance counselor or clergy member) to discuss how to get help. Or call the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474 TTY: 1-800-331-8453 for help.

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