Here are some “red flags” to look for if you suspect a friend is involved in an abusive relationship.

  • He makes derogatory remarks, or undermines her opinion.

  • She has inexplicable bruises, or marks. She may wear long sleeves/high neck clothing in warm weather.

  • He is known to have a bad temper, and gets irrationally angry.

  • He constantly checks on her whereabouts, calling or texting her persistently.He checks her car mileage.

  • He checks her text messages, voicemails, phone history.

  • He is extremely jealous.

  • He is threatened by her friendships.

  • He criticizes her clothing.

  • He perceives her behavior as being ‘flirty’ with other males.

  • She withdraws from activities she usually enjoys.

If you recognize the signs of dating abuse you can help a friend. For confidential help, please call the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474. This Helpline is for everyone, including concerned friends or family members.

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