Remembering Siobhan 10/16/89 – 4/12/09

Please take a moment today to remember Siobhan on her 4th angelversary. Light a candle, play a song, say a prayer, share a memory, wear a DASH bracelet, schedule a DASH presentation at your school, church or community organization, share the DASH website, Facebook page and Siobhan’s story with someone you love…


Always in our hearts, never forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Siobhan 10/16/89 – 4/12/09”

  1. Such a sad story her family are doing a fantastic job of keeping her memory alive in their amazing campaign raising awareness.

  2. I’m a Portuguese teacher who teaches English in Portugal and this week I came across this sad story and these courageous parents who are giving their example to the world.They want to save lives from the horror of hate and violence. I’ve shown the video in all my classes (I teach teens ages 13 to 17) and it had a huge impact in our hearts. The memory of Siobhan will endure and the light of her eyes will be in the hearts of those who live in peace and love. Thank you for sharing!

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