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How to Handle Your Summer Relationship

We at DASH had a great idea to write an article on how to handle a summer romance. Well, great minds think alike and our friends at loveisrespect.org, the National Teen Dating Abuse site had the same idea! They’ve written a terrific piece on how to enjoy a new summer romance, or maintain your current relationship. Read the article at Love Is Respect.

Why Does She Stay?

She stays because she loves him.

She stays because she believes he needs help, and she can help him.

She stays because she believes things will get better. They don’t.

She stays because she doesn’t know how to leave.

Why A Golden Oldie Still Matters

There’s a song that was first sung by a 17-year-old Lesley Gore in 1964. It reached number 2 on the Billboard charts sitting just behind the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Your parents or grandparents might remember it. It’s been recorded by a wide variety of artists including Bette Midler, Joan Jett, The Blow Monkeys, and Eminem even sampled it on his song “Untitled” in 2010. Nichole Sherzinger sang it on the 2009 finale of The Sing-off.

Teen Ambassadors Help Raise Awareness

Valerie Claunch, Melissa Howell, and Patrick Linnehan teamed up for their 10th grade English class impact project by holding bake sale with proceeds donated to DASH. They spent Saturday, May 28, 2011 in front of the Franklin Farm Giant grocery store handing out brochures and selling their homemade goodies for donations. Valerie explained, “After the project was finished, I realized how many people are unaware of what dating abuse is. For example, we asked one lady to take a flyer and she said she was too old to date, not getting the idea of what D.A.S.H. was all about.