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Lauren Astley

Our hearts go out to the family of Lauren Astley, 18, of Wayland, Massachusetts, allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend. “We do believe this to be a case of teen dating violence,’’ said Gerard T. Leone Jr., Middlesex district attorney. “It’s a classic fatal paradigm that we see around teen dating relationships. We are very confident it was about power and control.”

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Amanda Borsos

Aug. 4, 2011, 12:36 a.m. EDT
Associated Press

DEERFIELD, Ohio (AP) — A 17-year-old girl has been shot to death outside a pet care shop in Deerfield by her former boyfriend, who later killed himself.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office says deputies found Amanda Borsos, of Morrow, with a gunshot wound just after 4 p.m. Wednesday in a dog exercise area. She was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. She would have been a junior at Little Miami High School.

Jasmine Marie Levario

March 11, 1991 was the day she made her presence to the world and not knowing that she was being welcomed into a large loving family. Her name was Jasmine Marie Levario weighing 8lbs 2oz, and did I mention beautiful. She was a beautiful young girl and young lady with the greatest personality ever.

She had one other sibling, a brother Mario who she could convince to do anything for her. Growing up through the years everyone called her Jaz, Mimine, Shorty, Mimi, Jamine. There were so many names for her because she was different from the others. Having to have things her way or no way at all, and although it was tough at times, eventually things ended up her way.

Jessica Ann Tush

When Jessica walked into a room everyone took notice. Maybe it was her beauty or the warmth of her personality that attracted so many people. Her family and friends always looked forward to spending time with her, because you knew you were going to have fun. Her presence brightened the lives around her. She was loved more than she could ever possibly imagine.

Even those who only met her once told us that they remembered her because she was genuinely a nice sweet person. She was a mature 19 year old. She had been working a full time job since she was 14 years old and attending school full time as well. At the age of 17, she became the manager of a beauty supply store at our local mall. She also attended a college for Fashion Design and Marketing. She set her goals high to make a name for herself in the Fashion World. She had dreams of going to Paris to study fashion. She was focused on her future, but never lost sight of having fun with her family and friends, Holidays, birthdays and family events were important to Jessica.