BBC3 Drama Highlights Dating Abuse

The drama Murdered By My Boyfriend tells the true story of a 17-year-old young woman called “Ashley” who is abused and killed by her older boyfriend “Reese”. The hour-long show, recently aired by the British Broadcasting Company’s Channel 3, shows the deterioration of the relationship and highlights many of the early warning signs of dating abuse.

Adam Sweeting of the UK Telegraph said, “…screenwriter Regina Moriarty had made the narrative breathe by telling it through convincing three-dimensional characters. The way they inhabited a believable everyday universe of friendships, work, dreams and ambitions brought a shudder of real terror to the story’s spiral into darkness.”

According to reviewer Elizabeth Pears of The Voice,”It is welcome news that parts of the film – part-funded by BBC Learning – will be shown in schools to educate young girls and young boys about what healthy relationships look like.”

Teen dating abuse happens in all parts of the world to all different kinds of teens. No matter if you watch a television show or click through a website learn the facts, spread the word and get the help you or your friends may need.

Click here to watch  Murdered By My Boyfriend.

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