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What You Can Do to Help A Friend Who is Being Abused

What You Can Do to Help A Friend Who is Being Abused:
  • Say something. Lend a listening ear. Tell your friend that you care and are willing to listen.  Don’t force the issue, but allow your friend to confide in you at her/his own pace.  Never blame your friend for what is happening or underestimate her/his fear of potential danger.  Focus on supporting your friend’s right to make her/his own decisions.
  • Talk with a trusted adult (parent, teacher, guidance counselor, or clergy member). You cannot solve this problem for your friend. Talk with a trusted adult. They will be able to decide how to approach your friend, her/his family or your school to get the necessary help.

If You’re Concerned About A Friend

Many teens are emotionally, physically, or sexually abused by their partners each year. If you are concerned about a friend, perhaps you feel the problem will work itself out. This is very unlikely. Violence and abuse in relationships usually continues and often gets worse over time if no action is taken to stop it. You can help your friend by being honest about your concerns. Say something.

Top 10 Red Flags of Relationship Abuse

Here are some “red flags” to look for if you suspect a friend is involved in an abusive relationship.

  1. He makes derogatory remarks, or undermines her opinion.
  2. She has inexplicable bruises, or marks. She may wear long sleeves/high neck clothing in warm weather.
  3. He is known to have a bad temper, and gets irrationally angry.
  4. He constantly checks on her whereabouts, calling or texting her persistently.
  5. He checks her car mileage.

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