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UK study advises mentoring abusive teens

A study by Manchester University in England has advised that mentoring  and support services are needed for teens at risk of becoming abusers. Professor David Gadd led the three-year study and says: “There are 16, 17, 18-year-old young men who are already committing very lethal forms of domestic violence on a repeat basis.” He also commented that “Young men tend to see domestic abuse as a fight that got out of hand. Many will feel that some of the blame, or all of the blame, is not theirs.”

Professor Gadd recommends a nation-wide system with on-going, one-on-one mentoring to help young men who are at risk of becoming abusers.

The study also recommended that domestic violence prevention be part of school sex and relationship education. The UK government has guaranteed £40 million ($67.7 million) toward DV support services.

Read the article from BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat at http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/24768419

Remembering Siobhan


We take a moment today to remember our dear Siobhan on her 24th birthday. All we do, we do for you….

New study – 9% admit sexual violence

A new survey of young people ages 14-21  by the Center for Innovative Public Health Research in San Clemente, Calif., and the University of New Hampshire shows that 9% admitted to using sexual violence such as forced kissing, sexual touching or intercourse. The study, published in the Oct.7, 2013 issue of  JAMA Pediatrics, surveyed 1,058 people.  Coercive tactics such as arguing, pressuring or making the victim feel guilty were most used by perpetrators.

Another disturbing trend was that half of perpetrators blamed their victim for the sexual violence: “Because victim blaming appears to be common while perpetrators experiencing consequences is not, there is urgent need for high school (and middle school) programs aimed at supporting bystander intervention.”

Intervention and speaking out are vitally important to our mission at DASH. We ask everyone to take our pledge: Dating Abuse Stops Here, with me. I will not accept it, I will not perpetrate it and I will speak out if I see it happening. By making others aware of teen dating abuse we can help to reverse these disturbing statistics.

Read the entire article at Live Science.

New Survey: Over One third are victims of dating abuse

In a new survey presented at a meeting by the American Psychological Association on July, 31, 2013, over one third of responding teens said they had been emotionally, physically or sexually abused by a dating partner. The survey also found that boys (37%) were just as likely to be victims as girls (41% ). The data presented are currently under review for publication in a scientific journal and therefore are not generally considered authoritative until reviewed and published.

According to an article in USA Today:

“In the new nationwide survey, which included 1,058 youths ages 14 to 20, 41% of girls and young women and 37% of boys and young men said they had been victims of dating abuse; 35% of girls and 29% of boys said they had physically, emotionally or sexually abused a partner, according to a news release from the association. Girls were more likely to say they had physically abused their partners; boys were “much more likely” to say they had sexually abused someone, the association says. But it did not provide specific numbers on those differences.

The survey also found that 29% of girls and 24% of guys said they had been both victims and abusers, in the same or different relationships.”

To read the entire USA Today article, click here http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/31/teen-dating-violence/2596255/

DASH will publish a link to the entire APA survey as soon as it is published.

The DASH mission to educate teens, their parents and friends on the warning signs of teen dating abuse and healthy relationships is a vital tool in preventing teen dating abuse. If you would like to schedule a presentation at your school or community organization, contact DASH at admin4dash@verizon.net.