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Woodson High School

The senior class of Woodson High School was riveted by the DVD of Siobhan’s Story when Wendy Claunch presented DASH on January 27th, 2012. A badly-timed fire alarm interrupted the session, forcing an abbreviated message.  However, the students were receptive to the early warning signs of teen dating abuse and Wendy hopes to return to Woodson in the near future to give the students the full presentation.

Madison High School

On December 9, 2011, Wendy Claunch (DASH) and Heather Sarmiento (Fairfax County Office for Women and Domestic & Sexual Violence) were invited to speak by Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia. Two separate presentations were made—one to the boys and one to the girls of the senior class, both groups, totaling 460 students watched Lynne and Andy Russell tell Siobhan’s story in a newly produced video. Wendy and Heather then spoke about the early warning signs of teen dating abuse as well as tips on how to help a friend who may be in an abusive relationship.

The Madeira School

On January 4, 2012 Wendy Claunch of DASH and Heather Sarmiento of the Fairfax County Office for Women and Domestic and Sexual Violence, spoke to 83 young women of the sophomore class at The Madeira School. The school’s Director of Counseling, Tracie Epes, invited Heather to speak to the girls about sexual assault. Heather asked Wendy to join her to speak about teen dating abuse. The Madeira School is a private, girls’ day and boarding school with 300 students in McLean, VA.

Lessons Learned: Highlights of a Break the Cycle presentation

On a rainy evening in October, adults, teens, and parents from a wide spectrum of the Fairfax community gathered to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Tonya Turner, Senior Staff Attorney at Breakthecycle.org presented a program on teen dating abuse Sponsored by the Fairfax County Office for Women, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services. The compelling evening began with a moving speech by DASH mom, Lynne Russell. The program was dedicated to our own Siobhan.