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DASH at Fairfax County Nurturing Program

Thank you, Fairfax County, VA, Department of Family Services Nurturing Program for inviting DASH to speak to the students about abusive relationships. Although it was a small group, these teens were touched by Shev’s story and were ready to take the early warning signs to heart. Many of the adults present took our brochures to distribute among their community contacts. Teen by teen, parent by parent the message is being spread: Dating Abuse Stops Here – it stops with me. Shev, your spirit is here working with us all.

DASH at Delaware

A very special thank you to the freshmen of St. Georges Technical High School for making DASH an interstate organization! Wendy Claunch presented the DASH message on May 18, 2012 to six health classes at the school in Middletown, DE. This trip was particularly rewarding because Wendy was able to talk to the students in a more intimate classroom setting. The students were attentive and their teachers, Ms. Jessica Bloch, Mr. Mark Robinson and Ms. Bonnie Mills, helped guide them toward asking compelling questions.  A special thank you to Maribeth Miller, Wendy’s sister-in-law, for bringing DASH to the attention of the school.

If you would like DASH to present at your school, please contact us at admin4dash@verizon.net.

DASH at girls’ retreat

DASH was invited by Lolita Allen to be a part of her annual girls’ retreat on February 18, 2012. The  nine girls ranging in age from 13 to 15 were moved by Siobhan’s story. Lynne and Wendy were able to hold an engaging conversation with the girls who each took the DASH pledge – Dating Abuse Stops Here, it stops with me. I will not accept it, I will not perpetuate it and I will speak up if I see it happening. Thank you, girls, for your attention and pledge!

Chantilly Seniors Hear Siobhan’s Story

In separate presentations, the senior boys and girls of Chantilly High School heard Lynne Russell tell the heart-breaking story of Siobhan with the video “Siobhan’s Story”.  Following the video, Lynne spoke about how she missed the warning signs that Siobhan’s relationship was abusive and how DASH was created to educate teens about the dangers of teen dating abuse. Wendy Claunch followed by highlighting the early warning signs and how to recognize when a relationship is abusive. We are so happy that the class of 2012 was attentive to the DASH message.