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What You Can Do to Help A Friend Who is Being Abused

What You Can Do to Help A Friend Who is Being Abused:
  • Say something. Lend a listening ear. Tell your friend that you care and are willing to listen.  Don’t force the issue, but allow your friend to confide in you at her/his own pace.  Never blame your friend for what is happening or underestimate her/his fear of potential danger.  Focus on supporting your friend’s right to make her/his own decisions.
  • Talk with a trusted adult (parent, teacher, guidance counselor, or clergy member). You cannot solve this problem for your friend. Talk with a trusted adult. They will be able to decide how to approach your friend, her/his family or your school to get the necessary help.

Is Your Daughter Vulnerable to an Abusive Relationship?

ABC News program 20/20 updates a story originally aired on April 5, 2005. Again, from tragedy a mom took the initiative to improve her community. See our link to the The Ortralla Lu Wone Mosley Foundation on our Other Voices tab.

Read the ABC News story here.

How To Take Action In Your Child’s School

Call your child’s school and ask what provisions are made for school dating abuse policies. Recommended provisions could include:

  • A statement that dating abuse and sexual assault will not be tolerated by the school.
  • The designation of a staff member as “Dating Abuse Coordinator” and the notification to students, parents, and teachers that this individual handles all complaints and requests relating to dating abuse.
  • Creation of in-school stay-away orders that require the abuser to maintain a certain distance from the target of the abuse at all times, and require the abuser to refrain from contacting the target. The school should also create reporting and enforcement procedures and disciplinary measures for violations of stay-away orders.

Love Is Not Abuse Creates New iPhone App for Parents

A new iPhone application has been introduced by Liz Claiborne Inc. Love Is Not Abuse and it’s now available for download in the iTunes App Store!

The new iPhone app is designed to teach parents – in a very real way – about the dangers of teen dating abuse and provides a dramatic demonstration of how technology can be used to commit abuse. Over the course of the experience, text messages, emails and phone calls are received real-time, mimicking the controlling, abusive behaviors teens might face in their relationships.