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Day one NY Fact or Fiction PSA

Day One NY, is New York City’s only organization dedicated to educating and advocating for young people at risk of or experiencing dating violence. We applaud their efforts! Day One has created several public service announcements on teen dating abuse. Watch the most recent example Fact or Fiction: Anyone Can Experience Dating Violence

DASH at Dulles 5k a Rousing Success

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us during the DASH at Dulles 5k Mall Walk. Forty-five walkers came in from the cold and helped us raise over $600 for DASH. Special thanks to the Dulles Town Center, Dulles Dashers walking group and Dan Cook (Director of Retail Marketing) for their help in making our second annual walk a rousing success!

Chantilly Seniors Hear Siobhan’s Story

In separate presentations, the senior boys and girls of Chantilly High School heard Lynne Russell tell the heart-breaking story of Siobhan with the video “Siobhan’s Story”.  Following the video, Lynne spoke about how she missed the warning signs that Siobhan’s relationship was abusive and how DASH was created to educate teens about the dangers of teen dating abuse. Wendy Claunch followed by highlighting the early warning signs and how to recognize when a relationship is abusive. We are so happy that the class of 2012 was attentive to the DASH message.

What’s Love Got to Do with It Forum

Teens, their parents and the community came together at McLean High School to learn about teen dating abuse and how to have a healthy relationship. The program began with “Remote Control” by Deana’s Educational Theater. This interactive performance piece gave the audience a look at how a friend might react to witnessing an abusive relationship as well as the early warning signs of teen dating abuse.  Following the performance, DASH’s own Lynne Russell spoke about the loss of her daughter, Siobhan and how DASH was formed.