Monthly Archives: December 2013

Winter Break – an opportunity for parents

This winter break is an opportunity for parents to reconnect with their teens and start a conversation about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Even if your teen isn’t dating it’s a good idea to start giving guidance on the subject. Your teen may have concerns about a friend’s relationship or be influenced by abusive behavior they’ve seen.  Opening the discussion is an important first step. Your teen may not have a lot to say about what is going on in his/her relationship, but they will be listening even if they hide it well!

It may sound hokey or old fashioned, but opportunities (“teachable moments”) abound for parents to talk to teens. It only takes a moment to share a story, ask a question or mention a new item you’ve seen. Don’t get worked up on how to begin just go ahead and take the moment:

  • at breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • while making holiday treats
  • while watching TV (particularly a news story or if dating violence is portrayed)
  • while traveling or waiting in traffic
  • while decorating the tree
  • while taking time to relax
  • while taking a walk
  • at any moment that seems suitable

Teens who aren’t in a relationship need to know what makes a healthy relationship. The influences of music, movies and television often give teens a false picture of what is acceptable behavior for couples. Your teen probably knows of friends who have relationships that they are concerned about or that they’ve noticed just aren’t working well. Check out our information on Defining a Healthy Relationship. Teaching your teen about what is healthy in a relationship now can help prevent problems later.

DASH Gets Matching Funds from ExxonMobil

DASH was pleased to receive a matching grant of $352 from the ExxonMobil Employees’ Favorite Charities Campaign. The campaign allows employees at the Fairfax, VA offices to choose a charity for contributions. We thank John Stipa for supporting DASH since it’s founding with his ExxonMobil contributions, writing skills and volunteer efforts! This grant will help us in purchasing more brochures and bracelets for distribution to teens in our community.

During the 2013 campaign, ExxonMobil Corporation and its employees contributed a record $2,896,000 to support more than 550 different non-profit organizations.