Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lycee International welcomes DASH


Earlier this year, Frankie Russell presented DASH to the American Student Council at her school, the Lycee International, in the Parisian suburbs. The Student Council is an assembly of pupils from 6-12 grade who are elected each year to represent their classmates. They meet every week to share relevant information across the grades in all kinds of areas, such as student life, health and well-being, and current events in the USA. As a result of Frankie’s presentation, DASH was invited to be present at the annual American Section picnic, which was attended by some 500 American Section families. Frankie and her two friends, Camille and Dalia, did an amazing job of sharing information about dating abuse to parents and students, and the response was amazing. There was a sea of green bracelets, and the statement was made loud and clear in France! Dating Abuse Stops Here.



DASH at ExxonMobil Favorite Charities Fair

DASH was pleased to be part of the 2013 ExxonMobil Employees’ Favorite Charities Campaign fair at their Fairfax headquaters. Wendy Claunch met many terrific people as they learned more about charities eligible for ExxonMobil employee contributions. One employee mentioned that DASH was the only organization that she had seen addressing the problem of teen dating violence. We especially want to thank our friend, John Stipa, for bringing DASH to the attention of the campaign  and for his continued support! We hope that by participating in this worthy event we can gain some new DASH friends!

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